Magical Pesto-Inspired Sauce

This delicious concoction of flavors can be used as dip, marinade, dressing or sauce.  I threw ingredients into my vitamix sans expectations and—voila—discovered pungent sauce with quite the kick.  Although quite versatile (especially for vinegar-philes), this sauce is bold in flavor and note that a little goes a long way.

I made it for our retreat dinner and then recreated it the other day for measurements.  I’ve since used it to dress salads, gluten free noodles, and even a fried egg!

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Your Yoga Isn’t Working


“Your yoga isn’t working!” bellowed Tommy across the house while I melodramatically rampaged through the house preparing myself and the kids to leave.   I was hosting an epic pity party (the kind with VIP and bottle service).  Since I was the guest of honor I could blame everyone else for my misery.

I cannot recall exactly what triggered my distress; I cannot even identify the exact melt-down.  Dramatic episodes and me are kind of like peas and carrots. All the minute details have blurred together.  Yet, Tommy’s comment was a total bulls-eye.  In retrospect, I see clearly that my constant explosive reactivity, nasty snapping and self-loathing was a cry for help.  I wanted him to call me out on being a shitty yogi (and ultimately a shitty person).  I wanted someone to see me for what I am at my core:  total bullshit.  Continue reading

Enough Already.


I sat down to this post intending to write about something else entirely, but I got distracted (no surprise there), started reading some yoga blogs (again, not shocking) and was APPALLED by what I was reading (here’s the twist!!).  You guys.  There is so.much.freaking.judgment. happening out there!!  Everything from see-through pants to yogis should eat meat to you aren’t a yogi if you eat meat to yogis who are too skinny to yogis who are too curvy to yogis who drink too much to those who don’t embrace revelry enough. I am exhausted.

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Our Favorite Things: August Edition

It’s that time again!  We combined forces to give y’all a list of what we’re loving right now.  And this time, we’re not messing around.  These are the objects-du-jour without which we would be total train wrecks!  Shockingly, there’s food on this list.  #livetoeat #lovetoshop #notapologizing Continue reading

Princess Party Coconut Rice

My soon-to-be-3-year old never stops talking.  She began speaking words before 12 months and hasn’t really come up for air since.  These days, she talks incessantly about princesses.   For example, while visiting my Uncle Todd today she, in earnest conviction, skipped her salutations to elaborately describe her new and very sparkly princess room.   Her articulation and her attention to detail almost fooled me.  Her princess room is fiction.  She just has a room.  Her imagination, if you ask me, definitely sparkles.

Our neighbors across the street also have an eccentric and hilarious 3-year old who, as you might guess, shares Hannah’s affinity for princesses.    Our neighbor’s threw their daughter a birthday party last weekend and I offered to bring a coconut rice dish.

Coconut rice -either sweet or savory – might be one of my all-time favorite foods.   Coconut rice is versatile and can be seasoned in any number of ways and mixes easily with other stuff as well.  I decided to keep it simple and only my CSA veggies, mangos, black beans and herbs.

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Live Good, Be Happy

I’ve had a pretty bad case of the “have to’s” lately. Which morphed rapidly into the “can’t do’s” and from there, I slid down the very short and highly slippery slope to the “woe is me’s.” It looks kind of like this:

“I have to work, I can’t have any fun. I have to rush around from one place to another to another and I can’t spend any time with the people I want to hang out with. OH MY GOD, I can’t ever do what I want, I have no time for anything, everything SUCKS.”

Yeah, yeah, dramatic, I know.  But we all know I can be quite the drama queen; I gotta let it out sometimes!  But let me tell you, the person thinking that stuff is just a bundle of joy to be around. (Just ask my boyfriend who recently spent a collective 16 hours in a car with me over the past five days.  Sorry, babe.)

It’s like I’m looking at the world through grumpy glasses and deliberately choosing to find the negative pieces of everything. (You all know what I mean – your partner leaves his shoes right in the doorway and you trip over them all the time, your co-worker has a remarkably irritating habit of interrupting you every time you open your mouth, the chick in front of you at the Starbucks drive-thru has the longest order ever and why the HELL didn’t she go inside to order?!) Then I take all of that negativity and turn it into self absorption, self doubt and, let’s be real, self-pity.  Which makes me feel like I am not enough, and in turn that everything around me is either disappointing or overwhelming, or both. Continue reading

Come As You Are: A Day of Finding Your Joy

We are so ecstatic to be hosting our very 1st day-long retreat on Kate’s family’s beautiful property in Clarence, New York.  There will be tons of yoga, pranayama, meditation, farm fresh vegetarian food, conversation and of course delicious libations as well!  Check out all of the information and details below and make sure you RSVP soon because space is limited.

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Stress: My latest accessory

In general, things become a bit tense at my house at around 4:30 pm, give or take.  Anticipation of dad’s return home, hunger, boredom and some unidentifiable desperation are all sentiments that I imagine might contribute to the turmoil.   My futile efforts at keeping the peace never seem to bare any fruits, because every day something – of course it’s never predictable – goes awry.

Today, for example, Hannah took an exceptionally long nap.  I’ve learned about the ramifications of excessively long naps the hard way.  Whether she is over-rested or still painfully exhausted, Hannah is a bruiser.  Her misery somehow intensifies when I wake her up mid-nap.  After 3 hours of luxurious sleep, I woke her up at 4:00pm.  We played in the backyard because the weather was picture perfect.   Within minutes, Hannah (who I suppose is learning cause-effect) slammed the baby’s face onto the driveway.    Cause:  Hannah pushes baby.  Effect:  Baby looks like he was in a bar fight.


She is a sweet and loving girl. She just has a strong personality. Rhys, for the record, is totally fine!

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